Chinemerem Anyanwu

Imo had a very serious and tragic reversal of fortune in its developmental strides in the period between 2011 till date; a period of 8years under the Owelle Rochas Okorocha Rescue Mission government. Governance and service delivery to the people reached its highest low under the outgoing leadership. A state that should be an oasis of prosperity is today scavenging to run basic social services with months of unpaid pensions to pensioners and salaries to civil servant, award of contracts without due process, sub-standard infrastructure, drastically fallen in standard, following the style of governance of the outgoing Governor which is characterized by executive recklessness, impunity and non-observance of due process and rule of law in government conduct, and lack of accountability and transparency.

In contemporary Nigerian politics, people tend to assume the confidence that political actors in the forefront of seeking various political offices through people’s vote, most of the time, end up not having anything to offer in return for such votes. Be that as it may and as tenable as this assertion is of some politicians, there are still handful of personalities in the political terrain, who are apostle of virtue of integrity and by sheer courage and commitment to a just cause, have shown that they are promise keepers, when it comes to fulfilling electioneering campaign promises made to the electorates.

This class of people have exhibited overtime, the stuff they are made of by excelling in various responsibilities thrust upon them in the past and are still eager to contribute more to national development in any capacity they might find themselves. Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, an amiable grass-root person, a dogged fighter of the rights of the common man, a role model that transcend party politics, a statesman of an unequalled dexterity for excellence and an accomplished legislator, no doubt belong to this class of politicians.

The good people of Imo on March 9th gave credence to what this patriot and highly principled man, whose word is his bond, can offer in terms of bringing dividends of democracy and succor to his fellow citizens through unparalleled good stewardship. Ihedioha may be seen by some as an arrogant politician perhaps due to his fearlessness in issues that touch on the destiny of our dear Imo State. However, majority and well-meaning citizens of the state see him as a no-nonsense personality who is always at the vanguard of the masses’ welfare. He is that politician who is ever-ready to put his life on the line for the common good of the under-privileged Imo people, majority of who have been enslaved in the last eight years by a crude system of government holding the jugular of the State.

For every ending, there is a new beginning and for every memory, there is a dream ahead,confronting the current drift and stagnation.
Imo State’s socio-political and economic fronts require proper leadership, armed with an appreciable discipline, prudence and a strong political will; someone who will put an end to the prevailing stagnation and endemic system collapse characterised by corruption of all shades and impunity bedeviling us as a state.Thanks to God for Imolites,who through their mandate on March 9th voted for the rebuilding of Imo State.

Ihedioha, a personality familiar with dynamics of leadership, whose passion for excellence remains enviable in the annals of government and governance in Nigeria and beyond, a prudent manager of men and resources, an astute lagislature of impeccable records of accomplishment, remains a character who is very willing and adequately prepared to put in place a foundation of an enduring democratic process that is devoid of temporary show of excitement and manipulation of an over-articulate section of the elites and its captive audience at the expense of the majority. This rare gem and a great son of Imo has repeatedly said that he would want to live the rest of his life for history by means of beneficent and selfless service to humanity in general and to the good people of Imo state in particular.Ihedioha is a man of his words.

With his humble and humane nature, the former deputy speaker has already had his focus and vision well identified and envisioned. This was perhaps without doubt the reason why Imo state electorates massively voted for him as their governor during March 9th governorship election.

He proved all bookmakers right having hitherto been classified as the best Imo governorship candidate. Ihedioha courageously trudged on with sure-footedness, rooted in an unexpressed but unhidden philosophical conviction of a go-getter.

Today, history beckons as plans are in top gear to inaugurate Ihedioha as the 6th executive governor of Imo State. More than ever before, Ihedioha has his eyes set on the horizon and he has over the years prepared and fully equipped himself for this new leadership role.

Ihedioha has no time to waste and he must hit the ground running to execute programmes and blue-prints that will be the building blocks for the total transformation of Imo. The purpose of government is to make life good for the citizens and the joy of a leader is to see his/her people happy through provision of amenities and economic opportunities that will make the people have life and live it more abundantly.
This is a generational challenge. Ihedioha must make it count for this generation.

Imo Ga Dinma Ozo!

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