By Linda Nneji, Dallas, Texas USA

If you are an Imo State Citizen or perhaps sympathetic to the course of Imo people, the belief is that you are not happy with the terrible State of affairs of our dear State. From very poor infrastructure to terribly dilapidated health and Education sectors, very poor industrials development, lack of payment of entitlements especially to our senior citizens, non-functional local governments, lack of any form of Governmental presence in the rural areas, epic wastage of our collective resources on very inferior projects; the list goes on. The implications of these is that, our dear State has been dragged many years behind just as our current debt profile is such that evokes tears.

The reason for all these tale of woes is that we as a people failed not only to ask the right questions about the antecedents, capacities and sincerity of purpose of those who sought to govern us in the past. Also, while some allowed certain condemnable sentiments to becloud their sense of accurate judgement, others adopted a laissez faire attitude to the handling of their very own affairs. Yes, which ever way one looks at it, the people have a lot of say in the issue of who governs them and how they are governed. In other words, we are all responsible for the type of leadership we have been getting.

However, what this means is that we as a people have the power to change our narrative and make a strong statement towards the handling of our affairs. We cannot afford to continue where we are or worst still allow ourselves to be dragged further backwards by those whose past antecedents prove to be worse than that of those presently handling our affairs as a people. Yes, most of the times, we are tempted to say or agree that Nigerian politicians are the same and in every bad aspect of it but the truth remains that this, just like every other generalization, is a false. There are indeed, some of them who have over the past years, demonstrated their commitment to the good of the people. This is where Rt. Hon. Ihedioha falls in.

As a public servant of so many years especially around the corridors of power, Rt. Hon. Ihedioha has left no one, including those who we choose to call political rivalries, in doubt of his capabilities to fight for the collective good of the people and insistence on the very right things being done always. His achievements as a public office holder speaks volume and that he has no corruption allegation whatsoever even in the present APC-led opposition-targeted corruption war, says a lot about his integrity as a person. Suffice it to say that if we want to get it right as a people, if we want our State rebuilt and her lost glories restored; we cannot have Rt. Hon. Ihedioha in the race for Imo guber and either still look elsewhere or cling to the laissez faire attitude that has remained our undoing as a people.

Supporting Rt. Hon. Ihedioha is a patriotic duty each and everyone of us owe ourselves and generations yet unborn hence, the clarion call for all well-meaning Imo Citizens to rise-up and give him our total support so together we can rebuild our State and make her a proud home for all of us. What we stand to gain is the massive development of our State, overhauling of the health and Education sectors, massive support for the welfare of the people especially our senior citizens who have been neglected over the years some of whom are long dead, restoration of dignity to the seat of power and to the people, etc. We sure do stand to position our State on the pedestal of progress thereby reducing the mass poverty and hardship that have befallen our people. Also, in line with Rt. Hon. Ihedioha’s idea of Imo people rebuilding Imo whereby he has promised to work with all relevant stakeholders and notable talents including those that are yet to be discovered, towards uplifting our dear State; you may be one of those talents that would be engaged towards this noble venture. It sure does bring joy to be a part of the team that changes the terrible narrative of a people even while bettering your condition as a person.

One can go on and on but suffice it to say that supporting Rt. Hon. Ihedioha and voting for him is more of a patriotic call for the collective good of the people which will in turn benefit each and everyone one of us in the sense that we would see an Imo of endless opportunities where we can fully explore and exploit our God-given potentials for our own good and the good of the society.

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