By Kenneth Opara, Esq.

In its Judgment Supreme Court relied heavily on the testimony of PW54 (Rabiu Hussein) a Deputy Commissioner of Police and the results tendered by him marked Exhibits PPP1-PPP366 in holding that Hope Uzodinma scored the majority of lawful votes in the Imo State Governorship Election and declaring him winner of the election.

2.​ However, PW54 merely dumped the purported election results (Exhibits PPP1-PPP366) on the trial tribunal and did not in anyway link the said documents to the case of Hope Uzodinma.

3.​ Under cross examination the PW54 unequivocally admitted as follows;

(i)​that he was not in any of the 388 polling units on the election day;

(ii)​that he w…
Still on the Supreme Court ruling on Imo Guber Election: (Why the Supreme Court must reverse itself)

The law is settled as decided by the same Supreme Court in Buhari v. INEC (2008); that “weight can hardly be attached to a document tendered in evidence by a witness who cannot or is not in a position to answer questions on the document. One of such persons the law identifies is the one who did not make the document. Such a person is adjudged in the eyes of the law as ignorant of the content of the document”.

Questions for the CJN, Justice Tanko and other Supreme Court Justices:

1. Does the Supreme Court have powers to formulate and allocate votes as election results?

2. Were the said results certified by INEC as required by law?

3. Did Hope Uzodinma call 388 witnesses from the 388 polling units to speak to the results to obviate the principle of dumping which the Supreme Court used against the PDP and her candidate, Atiku Abubarka, in the last Presidential Appeal.

4. Were the presiding officers and or party agents of the 388 polling units called to testify by Uzodinma/APC, who were the Petitioners?

5. What are the figures from each of the various 388 polling units generated and allocated to Hope Uzodinma/APC by the Supreme Court?

6. Is the Supreme Court saying that all the votes from the alleged 388 polling units were for the APC alone in an election that was contested by over 70 candidates?

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