What the supporters of Rochas Okorocha the modern day father of looters don’t understand is that Gov. Ihedioha has performed within the past two months what Okorocha could not do in 8 years.

What the supporters of Rochas Okorocha the modern day father of looters don’t understand is that Gov. Ihedioha has performed within the past two months what Okorocha could not do in 8 years.

The fact that Okorocha led the sad era in Imo can no longer be over emphasized. Across the Nation, only in Imo where a new Governor is faced with completely dilapidated infrastructure. There is no State where what worries the New Governor is to totally reconstruct all the city roads. No State at all.

Yet, we have a Shameless Rochas who goes about claiming He did this and that. This man must be joking to think Imolites can be taken for granted.

Before now, the Otamiri Water Scheme was not functioning, the Ihedioha led Administration has returned the water scheme back to life. Why Imolites living in Owerri have not started enjoying water supply is sadly because all the pipes in Owerri were damaged by the shameless Looter Rochas during his failed urban renewal. In the coming days, public water will be restored in Owerri to the Glory of God.

At Dan Anyiam today, a stadium that was abandoned for years, work is ongoing for the total rehabilitation of the Sports Complex. The entire pitch will be re-grassed with the Seats both at the popular stand and the VIP will be changed, the flood light and the scoreboard will also be changed. The training pitch, Tartan tracks, and the Grasshoppers Stadium are all beneficiaries of the rehabilitation. This is a great feat achieved to uplift sports in Imo State. Today, the Governor has revived heartland FC, approved the appointment of New Technical Maniger and new players are signing in. Imo today is operating like other civilized state in Sports with the Creation of Imo State Sports Commission.

On Education, the 8 years of Looter Rochas Okorocha never witnessed any gathering to discuss issues of education by experts in the Industry. Just recently, the Governor organized through the Ministry of Education a Stakeholders Interactive session where issues were raised on how to better the educational standard in the State. The Governor believes that Imo can become education tourist State where parents all over the country can send their children for quality education. This is beyond the rhetorics of Free education that never existed.

The Nekede exclusive Garden (Zoo) is today facing total reconstruction. The plan is to make the Zoo which is the only surviving Zoo in the South East habitable for both animals in it and humans coming for sight seeing. The zoo will have a recreational spot where visitors can seat and enjoy their time. The zoo was totally neglected by the looters while appropriating funds to themselves.

In 2011, when Looter Okorocha took over, He flagged off the Construction of Chukwuma Nwoha Road. Sadly, He never completed that road in his entire 8 years. What He rather did was to render a road which was accessible before his tenure, unaccessible. That road today is one of the roads that measures are already in place to reconstruct by the Ihedioha Administration. The Governor will in the next few weeks flag off road construction both in the Capital and at the LGAs. These roads will be constructed by notable construction companies with verifiable addresses. This will mark a total departure from the past where construction companies with no known address are awarded contracts to.

Ihedioha’s era has so far demonstrated commitment to rule of law and due process. The administration has shown commitment to accountability and transparency. These were not the case in the past. As at today, no single blood brother or sister of Governor Ihedioha has a position in Government house Owerri. Family members are no longer in charge. Ihedioha has demonstrated exemplary leadership and should be commended.

Okorocha should hide his face in shame. He failed himself. He knows He failed that is why He is sad seeing Ihedioha succeed. He is in need of partners in failure but Gov. Ihedioha is definitely not going to be one of them.

Imo is moving forward!

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