VIEWPOINT: IMO 100% Salary And The Wailing Of Defeated Children of Iberiberism!

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

As usual, the defeated children of iberiberism are once again dancing naked at the market square crying over non existent issues as it has become their trademark.

This time, in collaboration with their local newspaper agents in Owerri, they published a screaming headline that the Rebuild Imo State government of H. E Emeka Ihedioha are paying 70% salary to Imo state civil servants.

Firstly, the news is a #FAKENEWS and a malicious falsehood calculatedly meant to be used in painting the new governor as some one who does not keep his campaign promises.

Governor Emeka Ihedioha is a man whose words has continued to be his bond and can not and will never make any promise he can not keep, in the stead, he’d rather not even contemplate of making them in the first place but whatever promise he makes – he must keep and has always kept.

He has continued to fulfill his campaign promises like recovering Imo properties back to them as we all can bear witness that Eastern Palm University has been recovered back to Imo people, over 70 vehicles looted by Okorocha and his criminal cronies recovered back to Imo people and other properties worth over 2 BILLION Naira fully recovered to us and more are being recovered every day. That is a promise made and a promise fulfilled!

Likewise the 100% payment of salaries he promised Imo workers as against the 70% which the former governor Rochas Okorocha wickedly paid them for 8yrs is one of the campaign promises which are very dear to our and has made far reaching efforts at paying them but for the landmines set up for him by failed governor Okorocha – hence the initial skirmishes.

Infact, the government has already started paying 100% salary to Imo workers but along the way, it was discovered that GHOSTs who were obviously planted by the out-gone government of Okorocha queued to be receiving salaries they never worked for, it was at that backdrop that NLC advised the government to halt the process whilst it weeds out GHOSTs first from the payroll of the government before it could continue with the new payment structure.

From official gazettes of the state government, the number of GHOSTs planted by Okorocha and his criminal family members out numbers the number of genuine Imo workers and no sane governor or serious government can continue on such evil plots because it will drain the purse of the state government to a stand still.

Governor Emeka Ihedioha and the RebuildImo government are over 100% committed to paying Imo state workers their due full salaries but first things must be done and that is to weed out GHOSTs planted by Okorocha and his criminal family out of the payroll of the state government because even you that is crying wouldn’t wanna pay GHOSTs who never worked for you, will you?

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  1. Igwe

    Investigate properly and weeds out the ghost in the society.



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