There is no mandate to reclaim

Tell all those talking about their mandate that there is no mandate elsewhere than the mandate given by Ndi Imo to their Governor Elect, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.

Imo People overwhelmingly voted for the Peoples Democratic Party and it’s Candidate Ihedioha. Out of the 104 electoral wards in Owerri Zone, Ihedioha and the PDP won in 103 wards. You can not achieve such record through rigging. No manipulation can give you such result except the People.

Looking at the Pre election days, you will agree that Ihedioha’s victory is a dint of hard-work and commitment. While others were waiting for miracle either from the presidency, thugs, INEC or security, Ihedioha depended on the ordinary man and woman. He gave them reasons to believe that He can FIX Imo State and that He has come to do.

Enemies of the State should know that there is no mandate anywhere to reclaim. Those talking about reclaiming their mandates should hide their faces in shame. There is absolutely no mandate anywhere to reclaim. The mandate has been given to the man who will pilot the affairs of Imo State for the next four years.

After that, His achievements which will be unprecedented and visible will guarantee him another four years. The era of tigbuo zogbuo has gone. There will be political sanity in Imo where the interest of the State will be placed first above selfish individual interests who have held the State hostage for the past 8 years. Enough is Enough.

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