BY Macdonald Enwere.

Recently, my attention was drawn to the illogically, disjointed and substantially hollow press statements issued on behalf of Governor Okorocha by Sam Onwuemeodo with the captions” CHIEF IHEDIOHA AND PDP CHIEFTAINS IN THE STATE SHOULD STOP CREATING TENSION” and “CHIEF EMEKA IHEDIOHA SHOULD STOP IMPERSONATING GOVERNOR ROCHAS OKOROCHA”. In the statements, Sam Onwuemeodo ended up in crucifying the outgoing Governor.
I had upon perusal classified Sam Onwuemeodo’s incoherently incommunicative and factually deficient press statements as mere dress rehearsals and crucifixion of Governor Okorocha’s grass ignorance. In fact, i was happy that virtually all distinguished publishers in the state did not allow such trash to be smuggled into a space in their tabloids.

As a matter of profound principle, it is not in my character to dignify a provincial and jaundiced rag-sheets exclusively steeped in mercantilist indulgence and yellow journalism fallacies with a response. But due to the fact that lies when often repeated may assume truthfulness especially to the gullible members of the society, i decided to make some clarifications.
After going through Sam Onwuemeodo’s crocodile restitution and platitudinous submissions on Hon Emeka Ihedioha’s actions as Governor-elect, i concluded that Sam is only vituperatively mushrooming.

In his first puerile diatribe, he accused the Governor-elect, Hon Emeka Ihedioha of impersonating his paymaster, Governor Okorocha , by promptly responding to the fire outbreak at Imo Airport on monday, 8th April. He frown at the Governor-elect for promptly visiting the Imo Airport while on fire before the outgoing Governor. In fact, if I were Sam Onwuemeodo i would have remained taciturn rather than exposing the Governor’s ignorance. The truth is that the Governor has lost touch with the reality of governance.
In a civilized clime, Governor Okorocha should have been impeached by now for failing to respond under emergency situation in the state. No responsive Governor any where in the world will ignore such a fatal outbreak in his state. Imo state was on fire, the people were running helter-skelter while the Governor was comfortable enjoying in Government house. When he heard that Hon Emeka Ihedioha has visited the scene of the incident, it was at that point he realized that he need to run to visit the scene. In contradistinction, Sam knows very well that the Governor-elect is showing superiority of intellect and class, attributes that put him at a distance and off from Governor Okorocha.

Also, in his second episodic comic, he alluded that Hon Emeka Ihedioha is creating undue tension in the state. Sincerely speaking, many may not understand what Sam meant by “creating undue tension”?. Sometimes i feel ashamed on Sam Onwuemeodo’s display of intellectual bankruptcy. The Governor-elect only directed the civil servants in the state to suspend the issuance, execution and collection of Certificates of Occupancy in respect of lands within Owerri municipality. How can a directive be described by Sam Onwuemeodo as “creating tension”. If anyone is talking about creating tension in the state is it not Governor Okorocha who has been busy looting government properties? . For instance, both all the street lights along Porthacourt road, all the conference seats at the IICC and Imo security Network patrol vans have been taken away by Governor Okorocha’s men. Am sure the Governor is only confused. His outburst is just a ranting of a dejected and frustrated Governor. He has failed to realize that the people have rejected him totally. The worst thing that can happen to any leader is for his people to reject him. No spiritual warfare or other form of supernatural humanism can reverse it. He should stop transferring his aggression and venting his anger and frustration on the Governor-elect.

The continuous pouring of venoms and
engaging in a moonlight tales cannot diminish Hon Emeka Ihedioha or equate Governor Okorocha with him in the business of administrative governance.

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