By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

It’s pertinent that Imo people and people of the world know the exact and reason for the second adjournment of hearing on the 2019 Imo governorship election appeal at the Supreme Court between Uzodimma and APC on one hand and Ihedioha and PDP on the other hand.

At about 9:30 am that Monday, March 2, 2020 after the court was called to order and the honourable justices filed out, the case was mentioned for hearing.

Chief Kanu Agabi SAN CON, leading the battery of legal go-getters for Gov. Ihedioha and PDP, announced to the court that Chief Dodo SAN had just served him processes right at the court there, and thus requested for a very short adjournment to peruse the processes and prepare to take them appropriately at hearing.

Surprisingly, Chief Dodo wanted the Supreme Court to do the impossible and undoable. He told the court that he was ready to go on with the hearing. That was absurd to come from such a SAN!

However, the Supreme Court honoured Chief Agabi’s request and poured Chief Dodo on the ground. Hence, the matter was adjourned by one day to Tuesday, March 3, 2020! As the court pleases!

Expectedly, overzealous urchins and fraudsters of the Appellants/Respondents, Uzodimma and APC have hit the airwaves of the social media to castigate the legal team of Gov. Ihedioha and PDP!

But now that we know the real reason the Supreme Court granted the adjournment, all their tantrums like decapitated fowld must be understood and disregarded as characteristic of desparados hell bent on grabbing power by fire and by force.

Agreed, Chief Dodo stated that he was served processes on Friday, January 28, and that only on Monday, the day of the hearing could he serve processes to Chief Agabi, he fell people’s hands by expressing willingness to go on with the hearing.

If Chief Agabi had served Chief Dodo processes in court on the day of hearing, would Chief Dodo have consciously agreed to go on with a hearing which processes were just served him? That’ll be terrible of him to do.

Why then does he and anybody want Chief Agabi to go on with the hearing after an hour or so of being served processes? That’s hypocrisy par excellence on Chief Dodo’s part! It’s most unfair and unfortunate!

Legal pundits are of the view that Chief Agabi acted most sincerely, ebulliently and professionally by requesting for time to read the processes served him on the morning of the hearing. They argued that they were sure Chief Dodo would have done the same thing if he were served processes same morning as the hearing!

The question of buying time is too weak. Meanwhile, who is buying time? Who should be buying time? Of course, it’s Senator Uzodimma and his APC for obvious reasons of reluctance to vacate the office they’re illegally and illegitimately occupying! So, let people keep off the issue of buying time, because those mooting it are those truly guilty about it.

Instructively, the Supreme Court on both occasions saw reason to grant the request for adjournment by Chief Kanu Agabi SAN CON. Could the accusers also imply that the Supreme Court, by granting the requests for adjournment, is guilty of culpable complicity?

Let everybody remain calm and allow the Supreme Court to do the needful. Stampeding the court by any means for any reason must be dissuaded and stopped! As the court pleases!

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