Okorocha, Ihedioha and Surugede dancers.

During the campaigns, I visited every ward and local government in Imo. I took time to alert IMO people about the extent of financial decay caused by the outgoing government. We are now burdened with hundreds of billions of naira debt.

I warned of the consequences of such huge debt on any upcoming government and our people at large. The out going government stifled the legislature, enslaved the executive, demobilized the judiciary and turned everyone into SURUGEDE dancers for Okorocha. Nobody in the cabinet or house of Assembly had the competence or temerity to professionally advise the governor.

They were all dancing and clapping for him while he was running roughshod over the state’s resources. Now the burden on Ihedioha from May 29 is unimaginable. To succeed, he must find patriotic and competent people who will think outside the box as team members to rebuild the state. They must have the leverage and skills to build a new economy.

These people will neither be gallery players nor people interested in posing as new leaders in their communities. The Ihedioha administration will not succeed if appointees will continue to be SURUGEDE dancers like the outgoing ones. I pray for wise decisions by Ihedioha. IMO must be rebuilt.

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