Okorocha: I am not setting trap for Ihedioha?

By aic Akwarandu

The Loquacious outgoing Governor of Imo State, Gov. Rochas Okorocha had in a recent press conference claimed that He is not “setting trap for Ihedioha,” the Governor Elect who will take over from him on May 29th 2019. The truth is that there is no Imo spirit in the outgoing Governor. At this point, the Governor is still seeing the whole matter as an issue between him and Ihedioha.

Come to think of it, how can a Governor whose Commissioner of Finance called a meeting of accountants yesterday and instructed them to pay their newly recruited workers salary areas dated back from 2016? How much wicked can a man be to a State that offered him more than He deserved? The state workers are owed and there is no effort to pay them. The pensioners are owed for more than 80 months, there is also no effort to pay them. Yet, just in the bid to sink the entire state finances before departing, the government conducted illegal recruitment across the ministries, urging accountants to pay them salaries from 2016.

Gov. Okorocha will be remembered for His wickedness and greed. He will be remembered for destroying a once United entity. He will be remembered for desecrating our culture and morals. A man who has refused to accept defeat and extend hands of partnership to the incoming government is definitely not the ideal leader of the contemporary age. Gov. Okorocha has exhibited all known threats of a dictator and power monger.

For those who see these as Ihedioha and Okorocha, it’s important to correct the impression. It’s about Imo State, our resources, our education, healthcare, infrastructure, good governance. It’s about the welfare of our people. Elections are over. The role of Statesman comes in, the Outgoing Governor has definitely erased his name in the list of Imo Statesmen. His unpatriotic actions must be condemned by well meaning Imolites. Enough is Enough.

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