In 2011 when we were jumping up and down, calling Ikedi Ohakim names and praising Rochas Okorocha, some of my friends who used to be members of Rochas youths and Rochas foundation told me we were making a great mistake in giving our mandate to a guy man. These were guys who were wearing black and white around town then, singing Rochas like the gospel. I should have known.

I just thought about the issue immediately I saw the breakdown of the funds Okorocha claimed to have left for the incoming government. My God! Ewoo Chim!!

When Peter Obi told the world that he left ₦80 billion in Anambra coffers, we saw the evidence showing that he left funds for the state in SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS

Now let us look at Okorocha’s billions
₦8.1 billion of the money came as state and local government allocations for May, and the money came less than 24 hours to his exit from office, so there was no time to tamper with the money.

₦5.2 billion came from Paris club refund. Luckily for us, EFCC had frozen the account since the election period, so he has been unable to access the funds.

₦7.6 billion came from UBEC/SUBEB for specific projects. He had no direct access to the funds

₦21.6 billion world bank project fund is not even in the custody of the government. The money is with the World Bank for execution of rural roads projects.

In all these, the state does not have one naira anywhere called savings either in cash or investments. Our IGR account does not have ten kobo despite the fact that government collects tolls from sand dredging, motor parks, businesses and motorists on a daily basis. ITC pays a lot of money to the government monthly. Where is the money?

If the May allocation came earlier, we would have been doing free will donation to give Emeka Ihedioha take off grant by now.
How is Ihedioha going to pay pensioners and contractors? The loans we owe banks, how is he going to pay and still work?

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