On the 29th of this month, with pomp and pageantry humanity will troop out to witness the historic and epochal handover of leadership truncheon to the incoming Governor, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha. With joy and jubilation, Imolites will also bide Governor Okorocha a Farewell and goodbye.

Indeed, 29th of this month will make it exactly eight years Governor Okorocha mounted the leadership rostrum of the state. On a critical prefatory note, i think it’s most ideal to clinically skeletonize his administration. It is important to reiterate that the Governor came to power through the popular mandate of the people of Imo state. Imolites were hoodwinked by his self-acclaimed popularity disposition. Like the biblical king Nebuccadeneezer, the Governor began to arrogate unto himself the power of supremacy, questioning his God and treating the people with utter disdain. Even gainst the wish of the people, the Governor planed to foist his son-inlaw on Imolites as the Governor .This was the beginning of his downfall. Imo people stood firm and resisted Governor Okorocha’s plot, which fortunately led to the emergence of Hon Emeka Ihedioha.

It is glaring that Imo state under Governor Okorocha has been trapped in the debris of grass maladministration encouraged by the psychopathic visionless and obsolete engine of a moribund leadership. Imo has been dangling and wallowing on the stranglehold of hopelessness, financial/economic constipation, social self-adulation and despotic leadership. The welfare of Imo citizens has been mortgaged by the self-serving , particularistic and opportunistic Governor with a headmasterist approach to leadership. The people no more feel the impact of governance of all.

Since his declaration as the Governor-elect, the dream of the evolution of a modern Imo has been reaffirmed.
After his swearing-in on May 29th, Ihedioha through his rare display of vision shall set the ball rolling having taken time to understudy the onerous task of rebuilding the state from ruins. His strategic and development plan for the state which speaks volume of his ingenuity in deploying well-thought-out public -private partnership initiative and development-oriented collaboration strategies in project conception and execution shall be transformed into reality.

Amidst daunting challenges and traps set by the outgoing administration, Ihedioha as a profound public administrator shall systematically entrench a new order by sufficiently applying an uncommon but a unique approach to governance and at the same time bring to bare his lofty ideas towards setting a standard model for good governance in the state. As a lawmaker of class, his novelty in championing a harmonized plan of rebuilding Imo state from the doldrums of over eight years of wanton devastating decay shall unlock and harness the untapped potentialities of the state.
With his supranational contact and strategic partnership with relevant stakeholders and genuine foreign investors , Imo shall be the economic nexus and entrepreneurial hub of the south East region. There is no rocket science in it, it only requires a man with a functional intellect and profundity of ideas. With Ihedioha’s vision and economic thoughtfulness, the spectacular concept of making Imo state a great economic hub and entrepreneurial integration of the South East region shall be a reality.

Today, one of the central challenges facing Imo state is how to create a sustainable transformation and prosperity for her citizens. Such vision must be rooted in a sound macroeconomic fundamentals and sustainable development rudiments.
After 29th of this month, Imo state will witness a paradigm shift in administrative governance, the principle ideals and democratic precepts shall apply with obedience to the rule of law. The ‘people’ which according to Michel De Montaigne – the father of modern Skepticism, is the fulcrum of democracy, shall be placed at the centre of democratic culture. Imolites shall have a cool feeling of what democracy is all about as conceptualized many decades ago in Athens and at the same time understand why Abraham Lincoln in one of his books described democracy as the sweetest form of political system in the world. The people shall feel the impact of good leadership. Imo state will witness an administration where civil servants will receive their salaries as and when due, where pensioner’s gratuities will no more be diverted to private purse rather would be paid accordingly, where the dignity of the civil service and local government system will be restored as indispensable contrivances for governance. The truth is that after May 29, the future of the state will give birth to a better vision, ideas and excellent deliverables. The future of the state will engender the pursuit of what ought to be; the alliance of better and fresher ideas against the current norms of accelerating backwardness without shame.
This will be the first time in the history of the state where the affairs of the state will be piloted by a legislator . As a lawmaker, Ihedioha shall use the instrumentality of the law to run the affairs of the state. As someone who has piloted the affairs of the largest parliament in African continent with class and incandescent valor, Ihedioha shall show an example.

As a leader of great potential with exponentially profound administrative proficiency of unparalleled distinction who played a critical and catalytic role in remodeling the modus of the nation’s leadership trigonometry, Ihedioha shall no doubt build an ascetic leadership anchored on welfarism, selflessness and obedience to the rule of law.

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