Inside Ihedioha’s Speech in Tottenham

Written by Aic Akwarandu

The Imo State Governor Elect has continued to reaffirm his readiness to kick the ball rolling beginning from May 29th 2019, when He will be sworn-In as the Executive Governor to pilot the affairs of the State for the next four years. While addressing Imo indigenes at the famous Dukes Aldridge Academy, Turlock Road, Tottenham, Ihedioha noted that the challenges in Imo are enormous and very tasking.

He however expressed his belief that these challenges will be tackled and the people shall prevail. Most importantly, He called on those who will work in his team to be ready to work, noting that He will hit the ground running.

As reported by Daily Post, the Governor Elect while addressing Imolites in The UK noted that, “I know it’s going to be a bit difficult because in the last eight years, our people have been used to misgovernance; we’re used to doing things the wrong way.

We’ve not been used to getting things done the way they should.

So, getting us to go back to how things should be won’t be an easy thing. It’ll be a bit difficult; it’ll be challenging but I’m sure we shall prevail”.

On the State Assembly, He stated thus; “I’ve charged the members-elect to get themselves acquainted with the existing rules of the House to understand what the legislature should be, what it’s all about because, from day one, upon their inauguration, I would challenge them with certain executive bills to keep them together cracking.”

Every outing made by the Governor Elect Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, since after the defeat of Iberiberism expresses hope and super confidence of a man who understands that though the challenges are huge but they are not insurmountable. Imo has been liberated!

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