Imo: When “Oppositions” lack position

Aic Akwarandu

All over the world, every ruling government has people who are opposed to its actions, policies and programs. Majority of these people are always those that were dislodged of power or those that weren’t patient to be accommodated in the government or even those that felt they were given less than they expected in the government. By forming opposition to the government, these people scrutinize the activities of the government and capitalize on the littlest of mistake made by the government. However, in saner climes, opposition are not just opposed to the ruling government, they act as the watchdog of the society by constantly reminding the government of its promises. They constructively criticize the government, bearing in mind that they are citizens of the country first, before becoming the opposition. They do not pray for the ruling government to fail as that would tell negatively on their country’s development.

Here in Imo State, Nigeria, what we see are people who do not understand what real opposition is. They pray morning and night for the new administration of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha to fail. And in their desperate bid to lable the government of Gov Ihedioha bad, they sound uneducated and oftentimes contradict their opinions on the state government.

That these elements did not see and condemn the level of infrastructural decay in the state overseen by their demi-god Okorocha deprives them of the moral locus to cheatise the Rebuild Imo government. It is insane, to say the least, for one to expect a government that just clocked fifty days in office to completely overhaul the state that was mindlessly destroyed by the past administration.

It was the former governor, who claimed, while commissioning the uncompleted high Court complex, that the new governor had nothing to do as he (Okorocha) had done everything. But barely two months in office, Okorocha supporters are calling the attention of Gov Ihedioha to the bad roads in the state. Isn’t this an indictment to Okorocha and a confirmation that he was not associated with anything quality? They are even shamelessly inciting pensioners against the government. The same pensioners many of them died out of starvation during Okorocha’s eight years tenure. Many of them have not been paid for over five years, thus accounted for the myriad of protests from the pensioners in the last administration. Gov Ihedioha has come up with plans to solve the problems of pensioners from the foundation; a plan the pensioners have embraced and are happy that in a couple of days, they will be given what is due to them.

If within Gov Ihediaoha’s 50 days in office, the opposition are crying for infrastructural development, it is more like bemoaning the evil tenure of Okorocha. Men of good conscience, Imo people including Gov Ihedioha criticized the quality of the work done by the ogboko born dictator, Okorocha. It is only in Imo state in the entire country that the new governor will be saddled with the unavoidable responsibility of repairing all the roads done by his predecessor, including the ones commissioned at the twilight of the past administration. What a shame!

It is not enough to condemn a government. You have to suggest solutions to the things, in your opinion, you don’t feel comfortable about the government. One has to consider the interest of the state first. The success of Gov Ihedioha will definitely have ripple effects on Imo people. Rebuild Imo government has said it will welcome criticisms and suggestions which are geared towards making the state better for Imo people.

Opposition is not condemning the government, it is keeping pressure on the government to deliver on its promises. Opposition shouldn’t pose as enemies of the state. Gov Ihedioha has started on a strong footing. He has shown he is prepared to rebuild the state. However, he is human and it is our social responsibility to correct, not condemn him while retaining the knowledge that Imo wu nke anyị nile.

Join Hands Let’s Rebuild Imo.

Aic Akwarandu writes from Owerri.

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