Imo to Go Green and Stay Clean as the world marks the World Environment Day.

His Excellency, Governor Emeka Ihedioha during his inaugural speech on the 29th of May, 2019, emphasized the need to promote a Go Green and Stay Clean Environmental policy.

Also known as Omenkahahuruanya, the one who does what he says, the Governor wasted no time in visiting the refuse and waste dump at the Mechanic Village at Nekede to ascertain it’s viability owing to complaints from the neighboring communities and workers in the area.

The Governor has demonstrated by this action that he listens and that he takes environmental sustainability matters seriously.

During the visit to the dumpsite the Governor directed that it be moved to a more suitable location. Putting it in context, the refuse site is very close to a water body, with some of the waste being dumped there. This water body is still being used by neighboring communities thus creating the risk of a large cholera outbreak and other communicable diseases.

In keeping to his word on a Go Green and Stay Clean environmental policy, extensive clean up has already begun at Amakohia and various refuse and dumpsites across the state.

His Excellency will then mark the annual World Environment Day by Tree Planting at the Government House. Before proceeding to other waste disposal and erosion sites across the city of Owerri. After which he will then give his World Environment Day speech, empahasizing again his commitment to environmental sustainability and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Michael-Donovan Ezeilo is a Development Strategist, and has worked with the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth on the development of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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