The Government of Imo State, Nigeria has instituted a Judicial commission of inquiry on lands and related matters, with the following terms of reference.


1. To ascertain the extent of Land compulsorily acquired or forcefully wrested from the owners.

2. To ascertain and determine whether such compulsorily acquisitions as mentioned above were lawfully made or not.

3. To ascertain the extent of allocation and revocation of Land in Imo State from June 2006 – May 2019 and determine the propriety of such allocations.

4. To ascertain and determine whether due process, diligence and strict adherence to the provisions of Land use Act, 1978 and all other relevant laws on acquisition of Land were followed.

5. To determine the extent of compliance with the relevant laws for the development of the new Owerri Capital Territory and adherence to the master plan of Owerri Capital Territory as authored by finger hurt and partners.

6. To examine and ascertain whether Government land or part of it have been converted to private use and identify the persons responsible and make recommendations for recovery and appropriate sanctions.

7. To exercise all powers conferred on the commission by section 8 of commission of inquiry law (Cap. 24) Laws of Eastern Nigeria and to do all other things incidental to the terms of reference herein.

8. To do all other things incidental to the terms of reference.

9. To make recommendations to the Government based on their findings

Interested members of the public are requested to submit Memoranda to the panel. Those who may wish to submit Memoranda to the panel must have them typed in double line spacing and submit in 15 copies and under sealed envelope to
The Secretary
Judicial Commission of Inquiry on lands
C/O Mr. Nwachukwu MC
High court
Chief Registers Office
Imo State Judiciary

Please note that the representation must be accompanied by an Affidavit, verifying the facts deposited.

Interested members of the public who to make submission in any other form that the person could understand/discern either by himself or through counsel of his choice are free to do so provided they forward their names, telephone numbers and contact addresses to the above address well in advance.

(I) Any person whose conduct is the subject of the land inquiry.
(II) Any person who is implicated over the subject of the Land inquiry.
(III) Any person who is concerned in the matter under this inquiry.

All submission both by petitioners and Respondents, including names, telephone number and contact addresses of those who wish to testify orally, must be made not later then 14days from the date of this publication.

Secretary for Chairman

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