Ihedioha’s pattern of Leadership is Continuous

What the Governor Elect did at the Sam Mbakwe Airport

By Aic Akwarandu

One significant thing about our brand New Governor is that He is indeed a true justification of the cliche, once a leader, always a leader. Ihedioha’s style of politics and leadership is continuous and progressive.

I remember in 2015 when He made his first attempt to govern Imo, it was obvious that He needed some rest after a very difficult and unsuccessful trial. But the reverse was totally the case as it Concerned the man Ihedioha. All he did was to take some time out to study the political geography of the time and immediately assumed leadership.

In Abuja, He pioneered the actualization of a brand new constitution which guided the PDP to very successful primaries not just at the federal level but across the States. There is no doubt that why the PDP can boost of having governors across the six geographical zones was because the Secondus led executive gave room for free and fair primaries. The level playing ground granted to all aspirants contributed to the strength of the party moving into the election. Yes the party lost at the center, but no body can deny that the PDP gave a good fight. Once a “dead party” became the beautiful bride.

Significant to note is that the Constitution of the Party championed by the Imo Governor Elect, Emeka Ihedioha, contributed to the successful primaries held across. Initially, it was a case of the highest bidder, but the constitution widened the delegate base and gave powers to the masses. While it was easy to induce lesser number of delegates with ill gotten wealth, it became difficult doing same for over 3000 delegates. The party on the other hand became strengthened and formidable.

The inclusion of the Physically challenged as part of delegates also reaffirmed the party’s slogan of Power to the People. The constitution in all honesty is comprehensive and people oriented.

The man Ihedioha has remained a movement, a moving train and indeed a leader in motion. You can never catch up with him. Since 2015, He assumed leadership of Imo State and its people. During the Eke Ukwu Owerri Crises, many people may not know but Ihedioha stabilized the entire situation and ensured that peace returned. He stood with the people of Owerri and constantly condemned the unwarranted intimidation from the Governor and his agents.

Recall when the Governor abandoned a heap of refuse at Douglas road, it was Ihedioha who led the silent evacuation of the refuse. He assumed leadership and stood for his people. At a time, he became a lone voice who was on a mission.

As the fire incident happened at Imo airport today, the man Ihedioha canceled his trip outside the State and returned immediately to have a first hand information and know the true position of things. He didn’t end it m there, He began to make calls, calling for immediate attention for the Airport. Anyway, for those who know him very well, that’s a typical Ihedioha, a man who doesn’t differ challenges. He will tackle it at the spot. He approached the passengers and wished them well, while apologizing for the inconveniences the incident had cost. That is for me the hallmark of a great leader.

While we await for May 29th, note that Ihedioha has led Ndi Imo this far…

Imo is indeed liberated.

Aic Akwarandu writes from Obuga

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