By Temple Dikeocha

Imo Governor-Elect, His Excellency Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha will work very hard in his first and second tenure to sustain and justify the trust, wishes and confidence of Imo people who voted massively for him on March 9th 2019 to become Imo Governor and thereafter bestow a legacy of purposefulness and transparency in government before leaving office in 2027.

Having promised to observe the rule of law in his practice of democracy and good governance, Ihedioha has severally been credited to say that “once the elections are over, comes the real business of governance”.

When the Imo Governor Elect started this journey in 2015, he had a carefully articulated manifesto put together by some respected citizens and professionals from Imo State. He presented the manifesto before Imo People in 2015 but not many were able to key in then. Luckily in 2019, Imo people unanimously keyed into that manifesto, and with their votes and by the grace of God, Ihedioha became Imo Governor. This was done in other to help him bring in more life, deliverables and timelines into that manifesto and by so doing hit the State running again with development.

During the electioneering period, Ihedioha promised good governance while stimulating development in all sectors and across all the zones in our state. Having recognized that he cannot deliver on that promise without leveraging on the experiences and expertise of the broadest possible diversity of Imo people, he quickly set up and inaugurated a transition committee that will help the new govt with a clear roadmap to achieve the goals he had set for our state

In constituting that transition committee, Ihedioha was very careful and deliberate. He selected from among the brightest and the best of our people in different fields of human endeavour.

It is even more humbling to note that every individual he invited for that defining state assignment responded delightfully in the affirmative.

Ihedioha pointed out during the Inauguration of the Technical Cttee that the principal task before them is to bring to life his manifesto, so that his government will hit the ground running with deliverables and timelines.

The Comments been credited to the Imo Governor Elect so far since after the conclusion of the 2019 Imo Guber has shown that Ihedioha is truly interested in the restoration the lost dignity of Imo People.

The level of decay in Imo State in the last eight years has made it very imperative for the Rebuild Imo Govt to begin work immediately after swearing in. Imo has always been known for the right reasons until recently when Gov Okorocha arrived with his anti human Iberiberistic policies.

There is no doubt that beginning from May 29th, only positive, productive and progressive stories will be heard of the new Imo under Ihedioha as his govt shall no longer allow Imo to be a laughing stock in the Commity of States having made it known that his main priority after Inauguration will be to reclaim the lost glory and dignity of Imo man.

As a man with modest and limited appetite for power and money as well as a man tested and trusted with experienced excellent leadership qualities, there is no doubt saying that Imo will rise again under Ihedioha as Emeka shall continue to sustain the trust of Imo people till the end of his administration.

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