Ihedioha and his list of Technocrats

Since the Gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Imo State, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, was declared winner by the independent National Electoral Commission, I have never doubted my conviction that Imo is indeed on the path of glory and rejuvenation. Following his campaigns and how He has managed the victory of His Party so far, there is no surprise seeing the kind of quality men and women who have been listed as the members of the Transition committee under the incoming administration of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.

For the first time in recent times we are seeing a list of Imolites who have excelled in their various endeavors take center stage in the transformation and rebuilding of their State. The capacity to assemble these men and women can only be possessed by a man of multiple capacities like the Governor Elect, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. In the Transition Committee list, there is a United Imo, cutting across the academics, financial experts, town planners, educationists, the media, traders, town union leaders, artisans, Trade Union, transporters, students, amongst others.

For those who know Mr Ernest Ebi, MFR, very well, He is no doubt one of the brightest brains who have made Imo Proud globally. Mr Ebi among other things rose to the position of a Deputy Governor in Central Bank of Nigeria. He is also a Non-Executive Director in Dangote Cement Plc, a position he has held since January 30, 2014. Between 1981 to 1993, Mr Ebi worked in various departments of International Marchant Bank in Lagos. He has also served as Chairman, UNIC Insurance PLC; Executive Director, Corporate Banking of African Continental Bank PLC and Deputy Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Diamond Bank Limited (prior to its re-registration as a public limited liability company).

In the list also, one can see the likes of Mr Frank Nneji, Dr Chiris Asoluka, Dr Nneamaka Obereri, Prof. Chidi Odinkalu, Prof. B.E.B Nwoke, Dr Sam Amadi, Mr Ano Anyanwu, Sir Mike Okoro, Sir Stanley Amuchie and myriad of other great sons and daughters of Imo State who are in no way political sycophants. These men and women are in great ways success stories in their various capacities. At a time when Imo is faced with so much economic problems, infrastructural decay, lack of order and discipline, the Transition committee as released appears sufficiently equipped to tackle these problems.

Politically also, the list satisfies Ihedioha’s promise of an all inclusive government where every Zone, area and interest will be accommodated. This if I’m not mistaken is the first time a Governor Elect is assembling more than 10 Gubernatorial candidates and aspirants from other political party into his transition committee. This shows that the man Ihedioha understands that in the quest of liberating and rebuilding Imo, there is no winner takes it all Situation. However, it is important to note that the appointment of these Gubernatorial candidates and aspirants goes beyond political compensation but an act of using round pegs in round holes. No matter how close you are to the man Ihedioha, if you can not handle a particular task, He will never assign you to do it. He must ensure that 99 percent of his appointments are basically on merit. The Transition committee list can best be described as a drift from the usual Iberiberism to the real act of leadership and governance.

As the committee gets set to be inaugurated on Wednesday 3rd March 2019, at Rock View Hotels, Imolites must brace up for the real change. There is no doubt that the Imo list of Transition committee members shows seriousness, discipline, readiness, capacity and leadership. As May 29th gets closer, it is becoming clearer day by day that a indeed a new sheriff is in town.

Aic Akwarandu writes from Owerri Imo State

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