Ihedioha 10 years challenge

It’s been so many years of unprecedented achievements and human capacity building. I’m proud to have people who have grown while working with me and I’m committed to mentoring more.

In the past 10 years, I have not only grown in age, but have grown in spirit, strength, capacity and knowledge. All these I attained through the help of God and my people.

You too can achieve higher grounds.

He started like everyone of us. He worked hard and has remained hardworking. He has remained focused, committed, sincere and passionate in any course he believes in.

Ihedioha serves as a positive example to the younger generation. His productive nature has remained reassuring. His years in public service are years of unprecedented achievements, human capacity building and productivity.

Imo will bounce back under his dynamic leadership.

Support our collective dream to #RebuildImo

Vote Emeka Ihedioha for rapid development in our dear State.

Vote Emeka Ihedioha for Governor

Vote PDP.

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