I have read a lot about this Akachi attempted demolition

I have read a lot about this Akachi attempted demolition. I have seen a lot of people ranting without having patience to be fed with the truth behind the act. Some EDUCATED ILLITERATES have started calling Gov. Emeka Ihedioha and Mbaise nation names. These same set of people praised the federal government for their intervention to stop the demolition without knowing that those Army were sent by Gov. Emeka Ihedioha….Most of these fake news carriers doesn’t reside in IMO state, that shows you the height of their own #IBERIBERISM.

It is well known to all Imolites that our former Gov. “Rochas” forcefully collected people’s land without compensation and the owner of the land were Akachi structure is built is one of the victims. As matter of fact, the man went to court and couldn’t get any help as we all know a lot of court cases Rochas had with people.

People shouldn’t allow the social media to deceive them with fake news. They should try exercise some patience, get facts before making their own assertion. It’s quite dispiriting hearing some saying “is it how Mbaise people gonna enslave us”. That tells you how uncivilized people can be. This is IMO STATE and not MBAISE state, if Emeka Ihedioha fails tomorrow, IMOLITES will not hesitate to show him exit door. I don’t think he needs much advice to carry everyone along because he is aware of the kind of politics that is been played in IMO state. Ohakim and Rocha’s should serve as a very good example for him, even Mbaise people will massively vote him out.

So, people should allow him to concentrate and focus on how to rebuild and get IMO working again.

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