During the electioneering campaigns, the Governor of Imo State, His Excellence Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha made it clear that he will bring transparency and accountability in government if elected the Governor of Imo State. He promised to reverse the trend, especially under the immediate past administration where government projects and contracts did not comply with standard procedures for procurement.

Governor Ihedioha in keeping with that promise approved the appointment of Mr Paschal Egwim as the Director General/Chief Executive of the Imo State Bureau of Public Procurement and Price Intelligence within his first 15 days in office. That appointment was keeping in line with the provisions of the Imo State Public Procurement law No.12 of 2010.

Before now, not many knew that the Imo State Public Procurement Law No 12 of 2010 was passed into law by the then governor Ikedi Ohakim on the 10th day of November 2010. Since the enactment of that all important law, no administration has been courageous enough to taken steps to breathe life into that vital legislation until Governor Ihedioha did recently.

The Imo State Public Procurement Law streamlines the process for awarding contracts and supplies on behalf of Imo State government. It is the duty of the Bureau for to ensure that all government contracts, projects and supplies complies with the best procurement standards and procedure. The law establishes the Imo State Bureau for Public Procurement and the Imo State Council on Public Procurement.

Due process is the hallmark of governance in public service. Government projects and contracts must start from good procurement procedures that guarantees accountability, probity and transparency in the management of public funds.

Governor Emeka Ihedioha has therefore shown he is an astute administrator. He has spent his first month in office building institutions and systems that would create accountability and transparency in the management of public thrust. This is why Imo people must appreciate the Governor for demonstrating his love for due process and respect for institutions.

No wonder he is called Omenkeahurunaya. He ran his campaign on the popular mantra “My Word, My Bond”. Governor Emeka Ihedioha is setting good examples and raising the bar in governance. Imo people could not have settled for anything less. The days of recklessness in management of public funds in Imo are truly over.

Kissinger Ikeokwu is a legal practitioner and writes from Owerri.

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  1. Patrick Akpaka

    I sincerely congratulate the governor for putting in place a system and measure to see that due process in procurement, awarding and executing contracts in the state is established. Why should a road linking Eziudo to Aboh and Uvuru or to any other parts of the local government be constructed and it cannot stand the test of times. I have lived, schooled and worked in some parts of the states in the north. Roads constructed 10, 15, 20 etc years ago are still solid. Can you imagine that a flyover road completed by the Okoroacha’s government and recently commissioned by the vice President is now a death trap. May God forbid bad thing. We cannot afford to accept any work in the name of contracted job. I employ the members of these committees to please know that if they do a good job, it is for their children and children’s children. Best wishes!

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