Emeka Ihedioha road compared with Rochas Road

To those who cannot wait to see an Emeka Ihedioha road so that they can compare it with a Rochas Road. This is one first road project undertaken by the Ihedioha administration.

The Project is called Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Concord Hotel Road-Jacob Zuma Road-With a Spur to Port Harcourt Road.

The Company is Coduc Nigeria Limited. If you look at the pictures below you will see the difference between 8 years of darkness and 3 months of Sanity.


1. You will see a Signboard defining the contract as awarded and on behalf of Imo State Ministry of Works.

2. You will notice a Company that is known visible and has an Ashphalt Plan in Imo State. No be hire roller, hire tanker, hire buldozer.

3. You will see capacity of the Company. All manner of equipments on ground. No be One Caterpillar Construction Company.

4. You will notice a Mobile Concrete Mixer. This one no be Aboki one shovel and headpan contractors we saw in 8 years.

5. Nwanne see drainage. Well paved. Motar with quality cement. Choi ahia oma na ere onwe ya.

5. Nwanne see Survey Equipment and Pavers. This is the difference between an ashphalted road with bumps and one you close your eyes and drive easy. Nwanne ndia mere anyi iwa.

6. See how they are working in one lane and leveled the other lane allowing people to still use the alternative lane. Under Ellewo they will close all the roads and still deliver iberibeism.

7. A good construction company doesn’t struggle. They have fun at their site. Omo see how Coduc Engineers and workers are taking their time. No hurry. Delivering on their targets and milestones. Nwanne this one no be acha ere.

8. Every single equipment, even Tanker discharging water to motorized concrete mixers are branded by the Contractor as its own equipments.

9. This contract will see Jacob Zuma Road built by Rochas and the road towards Civic Center reashphalted. Don’t worry, we shall clear their mess with time and God on our side.

10. Above all, Coduc Nigeria Limited is owned by a proud Imo son. It has its ashphalt plan in Imo and creates employment to Imo citizens.

This is just one of the many projects of Ihedioha Imo people will see. We will not deliver quantity but quality.

Ndi Imo, aha ya wu Omenke ahuru na Anya

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