Eagles Gather As Emeka Ihedioha Inaugurates His Transition Technical Committee.

By MacDonald Enwere

With the sea of exceptional heads seen at Rockview hotel Owerri today, venue of the inauguration of Emeka Ihedioha’s Transition Technical committee, one will say that there is hope for Imo state.
Since the creation of Imo state, no Governor has ever made this grandiloquent step of assembling the creme and men of exceptional disposition to join in the task of taking Imo to an enviable height.

There is no better adjective to qualify these men and women of great distinction who have made glowing imprints within the global hemisphere. These are captains of industry, former ministers of the federal republic of Nigeria, members of the academia, security professionals, professors of note, Politicians from different political parties etc.
Only God knows what it took Hon Emeka Ihedioha to catch these distinguished personalities of global distinction. This is a collection and galaxy of eminent personalities of note from diverse sectoral background, irrespective of party affiliation. Hon Emeka Ihedioha has proved that his administration will not be sectional and discriminatory.

There is a breeze of fresh air in Imo state today, there is tears of joy , the people of the state are highly overwhelmed because a man with the Midas touch has taken over the leadership truncheon. With the constitution of the Transition Technical committee, Hon Emeka has indeed proved that he has come to transform the state. The committee shall draw a pedestal roadmap for the transformation of the state.

Kudos to Hon Emeka Ihedioha,

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