Aic Akwarandu

It is normal to see those who are not used to due process, procedure and order question what the New Administration has done since take over.

Today, due process has returned. Things are gradually returning to shape and procedures are followed in running of Government activities.

While speaking with a permanent secretary recently, She acknowledged that it was very easy to notice that “a serious administration has come in place”. The woman who pleaded I air her views on anonymity noted that at the various ministries, workers are once again energized and tasked to do their duties. In her exact words, “this time seems to be a better time to be a civil servant”.

We must all join hands to support the New Administration to succeed. Constructive criticisms are no doubt welcomed but those who dine and eat with propaganda shall be ignored to wallow in their imaginations.

From the appointments made so far, the foundations laid so far, the achievements made so far and the level of organization witnessed so far, one can not but agree in totality that Imo under the leadership of Emeka Ihedioha and Gerald Irona is on the right path.

One thing the green cap man has shown is that leadership is not a rocket science. You only need to remain focused with your eyes strictly on the Ball. For the New Sheriff, every minute counts and must be utilized properly. The solid foundations of today will certainly lead way to massive development in all sectors of the State.

To those who have been assembled to wrongly and shamefully criticize every action of the New Government, be assured that you are on a failed mission. It has become obvious that one of the parting gifts of the past administration was to recruit some individuals who were assigned to do hatchet jobs in the media for them. Their major assignment is to blackmail and discredit Imo State. They were specifically charged to speak against every government action, bring up propaganda on daily basis and insult the personality of the New Governor.

I consider this very unpatriotic, coming from people who should be seeking the face of God at this time, asking for forgiveness of their crimes against Imo people and humanity.

However, the good news is that the rebuilding process has started and Imo is moving forward.

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