Dr Vin Udokwu

Contrary to speculations that former governor of Imo State, Chief Achike Udenwa, has been eclipsed by Governor of Imo State in the affairs of the Government of Imo State, the amiable leader and administrator par excellence is enjoying a well-deserved vacation abroad. The article written by one Onwuasoanya Fcc Jones and entitled: “Where Is Chief Achike Udenwa? He Is Unhappy Over The Marginalization of Orlu People By Ihedioha’s Administration – Source” is deceitful and uninformed.
It must be recalled that Chief Udenwa, fondly hailed “Onwa” by his teeming admirers and supporters in Imo State, Nigeria and in diaspora, was very much available and present at every inch and bit of the campaign rallies, processes and procedures that culminated in the success and victory of PDP and Governor Emeka Ihedioha in the 2019 Governorship Election. He has only recently, since after the election, travelled abroad for a well-deserved vacation abroad.

It is, therefore, preposterous, mischievous and even treacherous for anybody to insinuate speculatively that Chief Achike Udenwa and his political structure has been sidelined or sidetracked in the emergent and evolving plans and programmes of the Ihedioha administration.

Chief Achike totally supports the inclusive government policy decision of the Ihedioha administration. He would, therefore, not expect the government to violate that decision by appointing only his followers into the government. So far, so good, Chief Achike Udenwa is very satisfied with the appointments made by Governor Ihedioha.

It may interest the rumour mongers, speculators and authors of the negative articles that suggest that Chief Achike Udenwa is no longer in the scheme of affairs of the current Imo State Government to know that Onwa has been in regular contact with Governor Ihedioha.

Also, let the wicked agents of falsehood note that I am still the Director-General of the Ihedioha Campaign Organization and have been very active and instrumental to the progress of the party and the Government of the day so far, with great expectations for more major roles and contributions in the current government of the State.

It is pertinent to assert here that only an outsider or total stranger to Imo PDP and Imo State will aver that I may have been used and dumped! How?

To that extent, therefore, let nobody be confused and misled by the false reports making the rounds about the edging out of Chief Achike Udenwa and his political disciples from the current government. They are malicious lies from detractors of the former governor and his formidable political structure. They must be disregarded. Thank you.

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