..as Ihedioha means business with his incoming Government of State Unity

Let’s get serious now that election is over

…as Ihedioha means business with his incoming Government of State Unity

By Amb Saviola Godwyn

When an election campaign is on, candidates, their supporters and political parties say all manner of things against their opponents. It is quite understandable. But once election is over, the defeated candidates are expected to congratulate the winner and cooperate with the new government or arm of government for the benefit of the larger society. The defeated ones may even win the next round of election. Imo Governor-elect, for instance lost the 2015 election and won the 2019 election.

Imo state has since 2011 been a bold example of a state under callous undemocratic governance. That’s why most candidates defeated by the historical Governor-elect Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha in the storied 2019 governorship election wasted no time in congratulating him publicly over his overwhelming victory which earned him the sobriquet of “Liberator-In-Chief”. This was quite remarkable in a state notorious for election lawsuits. But unfortunately, there are a handful of elements still steeped in the old order of extreme bitterness and bickering long after an election is over. Hence the posting of various fake news and propaganda of impersonation against Governor-elect Ihedioha.

This tiny band of e-mosquitoes and their sponsors must realise that the 2019 governorship election is over in Imo state. It is now time for serious business. It is time for good governance. To ferociously insist on propaganda and divisive politics that takes the focus away from high purpose, is to sabotage the future of our people, of our children and generations unborn. History will be harsh on such petty-minded people who, in their myopia, think they are sabotaging the incoming government of Ihedioha.

There are many things to learn from Ihedioha’s constructive engagement policy. This is a pragmatic policy, which makes us recognise the limits of party politics. It makes us acknowledge that even though our people belong to different political tendencies, we are brothers and sisters who should at the end of it all, be preoccupied with quick development of our state and the enhancement of the living standards of the people.

The task before the Imo political class is very urgent. There is mass poverty in the land owing to years of refusal to do the right things. Unemployment is alarming. Education is in shambles. Electric power is a mirage. Basic infrastructure is in a sorry state. Lack of industries is the order of the day. Investor confidence is far from what it should be. Healthcare is in a dilapidated state. Science, technology and engineering which are the bedrock of economic development, are in a mess. The Imo economy is in the red. Our values are at an all-time low. All these degeneration are being witnessed under the outgoing and unpopular government of Owelle Rochas by the suffering masses.Huge investments are needed in agriculture, security, technology, social services, sports, and so on.

Instead of thinking of how to find solutions to any of these huge challenges that will be inherited by the incoming Ihedioha administration, some persons as well as sore losers filled with animosity are more concerned with how to publish fake news and propaganda on social media as well as print media against the sterling and productive Ihedioha.

The Imo class (Nigerian class as well) should bring an end to the culture of endless politicking. They should be rather concerned with the state’s (country’s) transformation, as we are seeing in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and other Asian nations, which successfully adopted the strategy and philosophy known as developmentalism.

Under the proactive watch of Rt. Hon. Ihedioha going by his #RebuildImo agenda, Imo state will be a conglomerate of diversified economies with the revival of the various comatose sectors of the Imo economy. Rapid transformation will take place with people-oriented policies taking root in every sphere.

For those politicians and their supporters who have yet to reconcile themselves to the reality that the 2019 election is over, it is proper to bring their attention to the wise saying in chapter three of the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible: “For everything under the sun, there is a time… There is a time to sow and a time to reap”.

For Imo state, this is the time for serious business as we await the glorious swearing in of our Governor-elect His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. It is time for good governance.

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