Alleged dead voters: Uche Nwosu’s media trial contemptuous

An Owerri based legal practitioner and public affairs commentator, Barrister Kissinger Ikeokwu has picked holes in the comment made by the Action Alliance (AA) governorship candidate in the March 9th, 2019 election, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, dubbing it as a media trial.

Nwosu was reported to have addressed the media wherein he alleged that over 300 dead persons within the three local governments of Aboh Mbaise, Ezinihitte and Ahiazu Mbaise voted for Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha.

The AA candidate was said to have engaged the services of forensic experts who came out with this outcome.

Ikeokwu who spoke to Daily Nigerian Horn expressed disappointment that the former Chief of Staff would dabble into what is already in the court instead of putting his evidence before the Court and allowing it to determine the issue in contention.

In his words, “my position is Uche Nwosu is commenting on something that is subjudice and I expect that he has quality lawyers who should guide him on what is subjudice if he does not know. If he has done a forensic test, that is to strengthen his case in the court and not in the media.’’

The Spokesperson of the Ihedioha Campaign Organization condemned in strong terms the attempt by anybody to commence media trial or trying to pre-empt the proceedings or what the court will decide.

He frowned at the attempt to emotionally blackmail the learned jurists who are going to determine the case.

Ikeokwu noted that one thing that is going to change in the new Imo which Ihedioha represents is that he is not going to play to the gallery and would only talk when it is necessary.

“He doesn’t talk before he thinks and he thinks before he talks. Since after the election nobody can tell you he has seen Emeka saying anything directly about the election.

It is not that he doesn’t have anything to say but because it is not responsible for him to do so at this period of transition’’, Ikeokwu commented further.

The public affairs analyst went on to complain that if there is any group that should complain about electoral irregularities it is the PDP.

He drew attention that the two most prominent controversial issues that occurred during result collation were infractions committed by Nwosu’s Action Alliance party.

Ikeokwu recalled the arrest of the collation officer who was openly indicted, arrested and handed over to the police in the case of Ohaji/Egbema result collation and the Ideato South result which was falsified by over 70,000 votes but which got reduced to 40,000 through the intervention of Uche Onyeagucha’s challenge.

These two cases he recalled happened in the full glare of the world and regretted that Nwosu would be pointing accusing fingers without talking about these pronounced issues that affected him.

The Mbaise votes, he added which were the focus of the AA candidate were never faulted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

He advised Nwosu to focus on the matter and avoid media trials.

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