A Peep into Ihedioha’s Hatrick in Oru West

By Maduforo Onyeike

To any footballer who aims to be at the top, hat trick is very significant. It attracts its own joy when achieved. According to Christina Ronaldo on his first hart trick at Real Madrid, the Portuguese player was quoted thus, “I have to thank my teammates for helping me to settle and score so many goals, it’s my first year here and I want to be a champion.” For Ronaldo, a hattrick is not just three goals as many people see it, but “so many goals”. To him, hatrick is hard work and also a product of collective effort. And lastly according to him, “hard-work makes one a champion”.

For Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, hard-work, consistency, courage and integrity have remained his selling points. While his campaign team, christened, “Imo Liberation” stormed Oru West yesterday in continuation of his ‘consolidation’ parley with the officers, leaders, stakeholders and members of the PDP of various wards, the good people of Oru West were ‘worried’ to see a leader who challenged them to pass a no confidence vote on him if nothing changes within the first six months of his administration.

According to Ihedioha, “ by the grace of God and our collective efforts, when I am elected Governor, Imo under my watch will experience real foreign investors as I can always access any office for the good of our people. I have all it takes to deliver Imo, we shall ensure qualitative education, agricultural revolution and improve infrastructural developments” Furthermore, he said, “we shall respect the members of the legislator as their opinion will always count in the government; we shall restore sanity in governance and if after six months of my administration as the governor of Imo, there is no visible and significant improvement, I urge you to pass a vote of no confidence on me”.

For those present, Ihedioha’s message of restoring sanity, conducting LGA election and ensuring its autonomy, the rule of law, synergy with the legislature, provision of qualitative education, quality infrastructure, could be described as a hattrick. Ihedioha has remained consistent with his message of liberation, hope, good governance and not engage in some kind of bogus, impressionist promises but critically identifying the problems faced by the people and proffering suitable solutions.

Another strong odd in favor of Ihedioha is how he has assembled all the support groups into a team fighting for common interest. The members of Imo Liberation Movement, Ihedioha Youth Movement, Team Ihedioha, Ihedioha Students Movement, Ihedioha Women, Ihedioha Solidarity Movement, Ihedioha Prayer Force etc, are assiduously working seamlessly as a team under the Liberation Train of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. The cross pollination of ideas and unity of purpose, direction and focus among these groups, shows how prepared and how disciplined they are. One will not be mistaken to say that Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha has assembled the best team ahead of the election.

The real ‘owners’ of the party in both Ohaji/Egbema and Oru West LGAs have seen in Ihedioha, a man who is interested in the party and not only the delegates as some have arrogantly displayed in their recent meetings. Ihedioha believe that, there must be a party first, before one talks about delegates. This is also another hatrick. At any point, Ihedioha has remained a torch bearer in the affairs of party politics and leadership – building the bridge and ensuring consensus among key players – putting collective interest ahead of personal gains.


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