2019 Imo Governorship : Ihedioha Remains Imo’s Best Material

By Kennedy Eweama

It is no longer debatable that the Imo State governorship election for 2019 has been narrowed down to a contest between only two contestants – Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and others. Aside him, other contestants with due respect, have not shown commitment or definable blue print on how to bail the state from her present socio-economic and political debilitation.

Only Ihedioha has taken the pains of touring the entire 305 electoral wards in Imo where he interacted with not just party stakeholders but also with the rural folks. The excitement his humane, purposeful and people oriented message generated among the people has continued to resonate like a melodious lullaby in the ears and minds of the people.

To many, the sustained rapport between the leading governorship hopeful and the people is unprecedented in the history of political leadership in Imo. Ihedioha’s openness, sincerity of purpose and well articulated message, delivered flawlessly with panache and great aplomb, have become topical issues in many circles. Many have been kept spell bound after listening to Ihedioha unfold his road map for the recovery and rebuilding of the shattered Imo under APC’s reckless administration .In all the outings, Ihedioha,as an accomplished orator, administrator and leader that he is, spoke extempore. He reeled out his agenda effortlessly and with great relish such that a bewildered listener in one of these gatherings once wondered if Ihedioha crammed the quantum of messages he dished out. Another argued that he must always be speaking with the aid of a tele-prompter.

As funny as these may sound, none of the assertions above is near or within the precincts of correctness. The fact is that Ihedioha is naturally gifted. Besides, he has passed through the crucibles and acquired the requisite leadership tutorials, traversing both the Executive and Legislative arms of government at the top most levels of governance.

One can therefore, boldly assert without equivocation that Ihedioha is the best material for Imo Douglas House. He will hit the ground running without waiting for federal allocation from Abuja because of his international and national contacts and the goodwill he enjoys globally.

As governorship election beckons next month, Imo people are implored to remain steadfast with the PDP and Ihedioha. Imo needs an altruistic leader who is contented, not avaricious and who has an impeccable administrative record. Ihedioha has all these and more.

Let Imo people shine their eyes this time to avoid the “had I known “syndrome. Once beaten twice shy.

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