1. He is from Owerri zone, the most marginalized zone in Imo State.
2. He has better Academic record than the 3 frontline contenders in APC, APGA and AA.
3. He is highly experienced and exposed than almost all the top contenders.
4. He has no criminal record in any of the Anti-graft agencies, ICPC, Police, DSS, EFCC etc.
5. Hon Ihedioha has never been linked or indicted to any criminal case of embezzlement of public funds as a public servant.
6. He is a well-groomed public administrator with a wonderful track record.
7. He has good antecedent as one coming from a good background with the right frame of mind to deliver good governance.
8. He is humble in nature and a God fearing family man living with wife and children.
9. He is very respectfully, and responsible leader that can be trusted with public funds.
10. Hon Ihedioha is a seasoned technocrat that has acquired the prerequisite acumen that can bring total transformation in all sectors of the economy.
11. He has all the clout as a former Speaker and Deputy Speaker to attract and bring about foreign investment and development.
12. He has the political will, capacity to carry everyone along not minding where you are from. He seemed to be the only contending factor having the message and knowing how to solve the mirage of problems in Imo of today.
13. He is the favorite of Owerri zone from a thorough public opinion survey.
14. Majority of Ndi-Imo seems to sympathize with Hon Ihedioha over the 2015 electoral sabotage in which he was openly robbed of his victory.
15. People are generally tired and fed up with the APC and anything coming out of it.
16. Hon Uche Nwosu of AA, Sen Ararume of APGA, Sen Uzodimma of APC has all expired in APC according to people’s opinion.
17. God Almighty can never allow again evil conspiracy against Owerri zone in whatever disguise to come a second time.
18. Owerri Zone and its people are wiser, more united in purpose now than ever from veritable assessment.
19. PDP Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku and his Vice, Dr. Peter Obi have all impressed ndimo to get their votes in 2019 elections and this will impact positively on the Governorship Election.
20. Hon Ihedioha has reached out extensively to the grassroots more than any other contestant in the state.

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