100% Salary, Ihedioha’s Word is His Bond.

The payment of 100% salary to workers has remained one issue this Government is committed to.

But one thing is obvious. The Government in power did not begin the 70% payment. It was inherited.

Unfortunately, those who initiated the 70% payment are at the forefront of criticism against the Present government. What an irony.

The questions therefore is this:

Is Ihedioha committed to payment of 100%?

Yes. He is very much committed to it. Imo workers from August will have no reason to remember the dark 8 years where individuals fed on wages.

Unfortunately, some circumstances has made it difficult for the process to commence holistically as expected. Thanks to God there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In a situation where one has myriad of ghost workers to contend with. Ghost workers numbering more than half of the real workers. It became necessary to ensure that the beneficiaries of the 100% are the real workers, hence you still have pensioners who are owed over 80 months to contend with. There is definitely no money to waste. That’s prudence!

After all said and done, Imo workers can be assured that the Governor places their welfare above everything. He is committed to returning Imo to a Grade-A civil service State where workers will be treated with dignity, their salaries paid on time and in full, and most importantly, the State will have value in return.

Ask yourself why those who enthroned 70% payment are at the forefront of unguided criticisms today?

That explains that those who have failed Imo in the past are looking for partners in failure.


Imo is moving forward and no doubt, Imo workers are strong believers and partners in the #RebuildImo Agenda.

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One Thought to “100% Salary, Ihedioha’s Word is His Bond.

  1. Igwe

    This is what every body in IMO STATE are waiting to hear and see the end.

    It will bring honour to the new Gov.Ihedioha.



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